As we run events weekly, we don't always advertise the beers in advance (because of availability). But take a look at some of the beers we've presented at our tastings. There are over 5,500 permanent beers being brewed in Britain, so don't worry, plenty more where these came from! At a rate of a pint a day, it'll take you 15 years to polish them off, so you'd best get cracking!
Golden Ale/Blond Ale
Cairngorm (Trade Winds)
Golden Ale (St Peter's)
Bitter and Twisted (Harviestoun)

Birds and Bees (Williams Bros.)

JHB (Oakham)

Foundry Man's Gold (Canterbury)


Schiehallion (Harviestoun)

Ceilidh (Williams Bros.)

3.8 Lager (The Cotswold Brewing Company)

Celt Lager (Newmans)

Pale Ales
Bethnal Pale Ale (Redchurch)
Pale Ale (Sam Brooks)
Pale Ale (Kernel)
EPA (Nottingham Brewery)


Cornish Knockers (Skinners)
Derbyshire Gold (Wentwell)
Celt Bronze (Newmans)
Shropshire Gold (Salopian)
Barrell Organ Blues (Wentwell)
Bluebird (Coniston)

Organic 1837 (Pitfields)
Lagonda (Marble)
Bombay 106 (Magic IPA) (Durham)
Jaipur (Thornbirdge)
Innovation (Adnams)

Wheat Beer
Hefe (Brisitol Beer Factory)
N1 Wheat (Pitfields)
Versa (Thornbridge)
White Dove (Ole Slewfoot)

London Stout (Meantime)
Entire Stout (Hop Back)
Dark Delight (Downton)
Profanity (Williams Bros.)
Shoreditch Stout (Pitfield)

Street Light Porter (Canterbury Brewers)
Old Growler (Nethergate Brewer)
Old Slug Porter (RCH)
Midnight Sun (Williams Bros.)

Black Cat (Moorhouse)
Mild (St Peter's)
Black Diamond (Wentworth)
Vital Spark (Fyne Ales)
Black Gold (Copper Dragon)
Ruby Mild (Rudgate)

Strong Ale
Crackshot Ale (Daleside)
Arthur’s Wit (Church End)

Premium Bitter
Titanic (Captain Smith)
Lumberjack (Brentwood)
Red MacGregor (Orkney)

Traditional Ale
Kelpie Organic (Williams Bros)
Fraoch (Williams Bros.)

Old Ale
Clockwork Orange (Brentwood)
Old Ale (Adnams)
Old Tom (Robinson's)

Black IPA
India Pale Ale Black (Kernel)
Magic 8 Ball (Magic Rock)

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